About Your Talisman

Details, Construction and Care Instructions

Each of the TalisMan's pieces is struck in Solid 1.2mm Brass, and using tools and techniques which harken back to Biblical Times.

In order to present an immediately wearable piece, many of our Talismans have a black patina applied.  It is important to understand that this will wear away, over time, and will - instead - be replaced by a naturally-developing patina, as a result of the normal tarnishing process of the brass.


All of our Talismans are shipped with an applied coat of micro-crystalline, Museum-grade Wax (the self-same product, used to protect the Royal Family's Jewellery!).

We are also happy to offer a completely free application of a heavy-duty jewellery lacquer, if desired - please just ask!

(Please note that these coatings are Non-Traditional).


Unless your Talisman has become tarnished, it should only be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth.

If tarnishing has commenced (a completely natural process), you may wish to clean your Talisman using a gentle application of Metal Polish, such as Brasso.  Please note that this may damage or wear any supplied black patina - this is normal, and expected.


All of the Talisman's pieces can be Consecrated and Ceremonially 'Linked' to their new owners, by an Initiate of the Hermetic Arts - please select this option, if required, when placing your order.

We will need the new owner's Date of Birth and Full Name, if Consecration and Linking is required.

Due to the nature of the vows taken to his Order, our Initiate CANNOT disclose any details of what this Ritual Involves - we thank you for your understanding.